the CHAOS ASIA 2014, Oct.25-26

where you will become a witness to innovators of the future
===for more information, visit the URL below===
http://jp.thechaosasia.com/(Japanese, 日本語)

the CHAOS ASIA 2014 will be held on 25th and 26th October, in Singapore.

Day 1: 25th Oct @ Clarke Quay, Shanghai Dolly
-Exclusive 30 pitch battle with 2 amazing keynotes
Day 2: 26th Oct @ The Sail
-Exclusive CHAOS networking BBQ


Lots of presenters will be having 180 seconds of soulful pitches.
About 1,000 attendees will gather to find innovators of the future.

The CHAOS ASIA is not just an event, its unique features are: 

1 on 1 pitch battles between any field (E.g. Performer VS Business Entrepreneur). 

180 seconds soulful pitch vs 180 seconds pitch
It is like a boxing match of the pitches.

Presenters' fields are as below.
Art, Architecture, Teacher, IT, Start-up, NPO/NGO, Travelers, Novelist, Singers, Film makers, Actors, Stylists, Food, Chef, Retail, Established company. 

Up to 60 presenters will come and challenge in the pitch battle

[Call for brave challengers for pitch]

Anyone can apply 
Any field can apply 

Ages don't matter 
Status don't matter 
Organization, corporation, individual, NGO/NPO don’t matter
Countries don't matter 
Languages don't matter 

more than 1000 people will join in total.
from entrepreneurs to senior executive, artists, performer, NGO/NPO, investors etc will come.
[Last year's challenger] 
from 10 years old to 60 years and older
from Singapore, Asia to Europe, Africa, and US 
from Start-ups to leading global companies or NPO/NGO 
from Singers, dancers to IT; Education to Health, Food and Athletes 
from Film, Art to beauty 
more than 50 CEO or founders 
more than 20 IT start-ups 
more than 10 LIVE performance 
more than 5 film performance 
challengers from more than 30 countries

[Concept of the event]

The Chaos Asia is a unique and unprecedented event to create innovators, designed and produced by Diixi.

Since Diixi recognizes that the innovator will be created from some sort of “Chaos”, Diixi decided to make it happen. To realize such scenes in "Chaos", 88 presenters will be selected via competition from eight fields that include Art, City, Education, Entertainment, Food, Health, Interactive, and Lifestyle. Any one can apply for as a presenter. For example, drawing with unfamiliar materials, rock music performance with a different stance, demo of apps on smartphone to change education in unexpected ways of gamification, or city planning by combination with children and elderly people, etc.
Every 88 presenter has 180 seconds for his/her pitch. It is expected that a variety of nations' participants will get together at the event and they will be witnesses of soul pitches from the various types of innovators of the future.

The Chaos Asia will be held at Shanghai Doll, Clarke Quay in Singapore on 25 October, 2014. The venue is not a normal hall for conference. It is used as a night club with a live band at night. It will be customized dramatically for The Chaos Asia.
*the number of presenters in Singapore is 60.
*total number of presenters including satellite evens (Delhi, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong) is more than 100.
[Satellite events]
23th August in Delhi
25th August in Bangkok
28th September in Tokyo. see more
4th October in Hong Kong
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Oct 25 - Oct 26, 2014
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Clarke Quay, Shanghai Dolly(Day1), The sail(Day2)
Day1 ticket, Pitch battle 25th Oct SOLD OUT $80.00
Day1 1for1 ticket, Pitch battle 25th Oct. ($80 for 2 tickets when coupon code applied) SOLD OUT $160.00
Day1 ticket for students, 25th Oct SOLD OUT $40.00
Day1 free tickets for teenager, 25th Oct.(ID required) FULL
Day2 CHAOS exclusive network on BBQ at The Sail, 26th Oct. SOLD OUT $40.00
Venue Address
Shanghai Dolly, Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179021 Singapore
shanghai dolly
Noritaka Kobayashi